No one should navigate this alone.

This situation that you're in is Big Flippin’ Deal

You know it. You constantly feel it.

You’re going through something major and you’re struggling.

Navigating the pain of a really tough time doesn’t have to be this hard and you don’t need to do it alone.

You may be feeling like:

Life has thrown you a curve ball and you are having a hard time.

You feel awful and to make matters worse, you don’t recognize yourself anymore.

Things weren’t supposed to turn out his way.

You’re sick of feeling like this and want to feel normal again.

You want this pain to ease off and you don’t know where to turn.

There's hope. There IS something you can do.

You shouldn’t be struggling alone.

If you’re feeling like you’re drowning in the fall out of big change, the agony of uncertainty, and navigating loss. That’s brutal. I know. I’ve been there.

I have taken what I’ve learned through my experience and through helping others and created a 12 module program to help people like you.

Whatever you’re enduring this program can ease your pain, give you back a sense of control and help you get your life back.

This program is based on solid science and simple tools that you can use immediately to take you from acute pain to finding some joy. (I know that would feel like a miracle at this point.)

What you can count on.

As you move through the program you will start to feel better. I promise!

You’ll stop thinking constantly about your situation.

You’ll realize that don’t have to do this alone and that what you’re going through is a big deal and you’re quite something to have moved through this.

You’ll feel stronger and feel more confident that you can move through this tough time.

You’ll start to feel hopeful and think about a brighter future.

What you get

12 self paced modules that each contain:

·      A 5-10 min video on a specific topic

·      A PDF download with a tool or technique to try

·      Journaling prompts

·      Creative exercises

·      Guided Meditations

·      Book recommendations

·      Extra videos and articles

You'll also get:

·      Added to a private face book group

·      Lifetime access to videos and all course materials

What are other participants saying
What others are saying about the BFD Program

"Completing this program has undoubtedly been a turning point for me. I have a better understanding of my core values and why these are integral to the way I act and feel. The tools Leona taught me have helped me cope with the stresses of day to day life, times of crisis and both professional and personal relationships. I am forever grateful to Leona for this opportunity, her soothing, empathic voice and her incredible knowledge. I couldn't not recommend this program more."

Kat Chapman, England

"This program showed me that I wasn’t alone in the things I was going through. Before this program, I regularly castigated myself for being lazy, unmotivated, and self pitying. What I realize now is that I was experiencing shock from my medical diagnosis. I learned that feeling such shock is completely normal, and perhaps more importantly, I learned that I wasn’t alone in my feelings. Thanks to this program, I no longer feel guilty about giving my mind, body, and spirit the self-care that I need. I feel empowered and in control of my life again.

The program is full of practical, actionable tips as well as motivation to get me through the hard times. I regularly revisit certain modules, particularly before doctors appointments. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this program changed my life."

Kimberly Parsleys, Bowling Green Kentucky

When life give you lemons...
You do something to help others with theirs

About the program developer-Leona deVinne

I’ve been where you are. Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and alone. Desperate to feel better.

When I was taking my coaching certification, I felt like I was drowning. I was desperate to get over my state of devastation in my personal life and a coach said to me during a session, “You know Leona, what you’re going through is a BFD.” I asked what she meant. She said, “This is a Big F*%#@Ig Deal”. I started to cry. It gave me the space to acknowledge that it certainly was, and I desperately wanted it to feel better. From that moment I’ve devoted my time to helping people navigate their BFD’s well.

The situation that you’re in doesn’t have to be this hard. I know. I’ve been there. I used to wish some days it would all go away and I always felt like I was struggling to find a better way. Since then have been studying resilience and the science that supports us to flourish despite hardship for the past decade.

How we bounce when things get rough is a learned skill set. I’ve been helping people through coaching, facilitating support groups and online training for years to learn these life changing techniques. This program is all that work and decades of research to provide you with the practical tools to thrive despite the worst obstacles.

I’ve seen so many flourish where they felt like they were drowning in the worst of situations.

I lost my mom as a young adult and at 30 I found out I inherited her condition and had to navigate a chronic condition that’s left me with several brain and spinal tumours. After 16 years of marriage I found out my husband was having an affair and our marriage was destroyed. I had to start over with little resources. Those were BFD’s.

Whatever you are currently going through there are some really important steps that you need to take to navigate these muddy waters well. Without them the waters will continue to feel like they’re rising. It doesn’t need to be this bad. The contents of the course are here to help you. You will move through this.

I’ve taken my back ground in psychology and my work as a professional coach and thousands of pages of research on resilience to bring you the key pieces to move through really hard times and come to a place that you see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


Are you sure this program will help?

The contents of this program were originally made for medical clinicians to help their patients reduce the extreme stress that comes with a diagnosis living with serious medical diagnosis’. Some said this program changed how they practiced medicine. It was adapted to patients and had outstanding results so I took the foundation of that work so that whatever you’re enduring this program can ease your pain, give you back a sense of control and help you get your life back. No matter what you’re facing this program will help ease the stress and mitigate the pain as it has for so many.

How do I know if this program is for me?

If you are aching to feel better, feel a sense of control or even, by a miracle feel some joy, then this program is for you. It’s delivered in bite sized pieces and in a way that will be engaging, and you will learn things that will help you. The information in this course has helped 100’s of people before you.

What can I expect?

I know you’re going through enough right now. You don’t need something super intensive. You’ll get 12 modules packed with information and opportunity to dive into different topics. Each module will include a short video, a technique to explore and implement immediately, some journaling prompts, a creative exercise, and a meditation to listen to. You do you.

You pace yourself and skip the video and get right into the journaling if you’d like. There are no rules. Just support and that will feel so good for the ache you’re enduring. There’s also a private Facebook group for you to participate in if you’d like.

How much time will it take?

If you did all the modules and all the exercises it would take 60-90 min per module. You could do a light touch and then you’re looking at less than 30. The more time you invest the more you will get out of it. It’s yours to keep so you decide how it best suits your needs. Maybe you do it twice. All up to you.

When are the group coaching calls?

The group coaching calls are Feb 17 and March 17 at 6 pm MST.

What if I can’t attend the live coaching calls?

If you can’t join you will get a recording.

What if I don’t like it?

You get your money refunded! 

Choose a Pricing Option

No one should be stuck in pain and feeling overwhelmed with the weight of their stressful situation. You're not alone and here's a great opportunity to experience some relief. Without support you risk staying here. You can move through this. The BFD program will give you the tools you need to relive your suffering and give you hope. As soon as you start you will notice your load get lighter and that you're not feeling like you're drowning. You deserve to feel better. Here's your chance.